The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the beginning and the end of this Internet radio adventure. – Carolyn Yeager

What The White Network was about was made clear in the tagline we chose: “Whites talking to Whites about White interests.”

The White Network was conceived as a White's only zone, in reaction and in contrast to all other known outwardly pro-White networks that invariably would include non-Whites (including Jews) as guests and even hosts whenever it was convenient. This was the meaning of the byline “Whites talking to Whites about White interests. “ On this, Tanstaafl and I were always in agreement.

However, since April 15, 2014, Tanstaafl has promoted the idea that The White Network was specifically “White Nationalist” in purpose and orientation, and that I, Carolyn Yeager, diverted from that orientation, going so far as to “trash Whites” and express “German supremacism” over “White Nationalism.” Based on this conceit, he shut me out of the website and server right before his Tuesday night program, and announced the end of The White Network publicly during his show! That was the first I heard of it, listening along with everyone else.

So why did this happen? I found some clues when re-listening to our first broadcast from May 28, 2012, Whites talking to Whites. The title was a reference to our tagline. I was struck by how these issues were there right from the beginning but not considered to be a problem.

@6m10s Carolyn: One thing that we found important right from the beginning as we were talking was The Fourteen Words written by David Lane in the 1980's and are used by many people: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.” So this is one of our guiding principles, it is about children, and we're going to put some focus on that.

Tanstaafl: Yeah, it's a principle around which the kind of people who think as we do, should be able to rally. People who can't rally around that, people who have a problem with that message, have a problem with us. And I think it's an irreconcilable problem.

@7m40s Carolyn: Why is the future of our children in jeopardy?

Tanstaafl: Because of the competition of other peoples who are replacing us. Immigration is taking from our childrens' birthright. The other aspect is the financial fraud aspect: our economy is based on a pyramid scheme; therefore the population has to continually grow.

@11m Carolyn: Where does Nationalism fit in here? Because we are nationalist and pro-White, we call ourselves White Nationalists. It's not that we're against anyone else, but we want our own place, our own country and our own land, we want to run our own affairs and don't think it's good to live in a mixed society.

@14m30s Tanstaafl: By using the term White Nationalist, I have a broader sense of who my people are. In Europe, their group identity is much narrower, they love other Moldavians or something, you know, (chuckle) they don't really care about Europeans in general, they really just care about their own narrow group of people. […] But even though I say I'm a White Nationalist, it doesn't mean I don't have a more specific people in mind that I feel even closer ties to, and it's like peeling an onion, down at the center is my family, and my extended family. So there's no contradiction here. [In truth, Tanstaafl never considered European people except in the abstract. His real life experience with Europeans is nil.]

@15m20s Carolyn: Well, I definitely am, and have been, for nationalism in Europe based on the nations. I don't think it's too possible to create this White European Nation […] so I'm all for German nationalists, French nationalists, Moldavian nationalists, and so on. But in the United States, we don't have that, we're all mixed together, so we decided to call ourselves - to focus on White Americans.

@17m40s Tanstaafl: I agree with your sentiments toward Europe, that is, the motherland, the fatherland of White peoples, and to care about it on that level, but we have no authority to tell Europeans what they should do or shouldn't do, or how they should do it. The only people we have a chance at having any authority over is in America, people like ourselves, in the same boat as us. And we need to get this boat straightened out and back on course, and that's where our focus should be. In fact, I think it's a little bit escapist in looking overseas and hoping, or taking pleasure in some good news from some other place … in focusing overseas – it is a way of escaping the nasty business we have here, in our own backyard.

Carolyn: We certainly do want solidarity among all white people, and it just comes naturally, we naturally feel it.

@24m Tanstaafl: Saying something positive about White people as a group is something people are not used to in everyday speech, and that's something I'd like us to do, just set that aside, by talking openly and fairly.

Carolyn: (breaks in) That's just it, we want to get people talking, White people talking about White things, and White issues, and White concerns.

@26m Tanstaafl: For the critics of Whiteness who are white themselves but who are skeptical of “White” as being too broad, I admit when I moved to the mountains here in Appalachia, I could see that this was a different culture than what I was used to. But I came to it with a very positive attitude and realized that I am never going to be accepted as one of these people, but my children may, my grandchildren hopefully will. [caveat: his children are 1/4 Jewish – he wants to breed the Jewish blood out of them using these Appalachia Whites!] Uh, will become integrated into this society and this culture.

But I would say to the critics, Well look at that. Even people you think are just white people and you don't see the subtle differences between them, – Well, first of all, I do see the subtle differences, and second of all, if the point is that even different types of White people can't get along [a point I, Carolyn, often made], are incompatible in some way, well then why the hell should I take the conclusion away from that that we should just open up our doors then to every kind of strange alien! I mean, that's … it's ridiculous. It doesn't follow. I acknowledge that point. No, people aren't all the same, and even amongst White people we have our differences, and they may even be incompatible – we'll fight our civil wars amongst each other in order to have our independence and self-determination. But the point is: Self Determination is part of human nature. We want to be in control of our own lives, and if not our lives, then at least have our proxies, our stewards, be someone that we trust and be our own kind. When we're ruled by aliens, no human being wants to be ruled by alien people, especially alien people who have demonstrated a dislike for you and your kind. And that's what we're doing, we're rebelling against, uh, alien rule here, even if it's only a soft & partial rule at this point, it's enough of a rule …. and that's why discussing with White people what's best for us sounds so revolutionary. It's because it IS revolutionary, against this regime that has come into place so stealthily.

Blacks don't run America – Jews run America. [But he still wants to put his children's Jewish blood into the White American bloodstream.]

@29m15s Carolyn: You know, diversity among Whites is an important thing to remember. There is a tremendous diversity among Whites. We're not lacking diversity. We don't need people from all around the world to bring us diversity.

@52m Tanstaafl: Politeness has to take a back seat. I don't mind compromising when it comes to other White people, and I don't mind arguing. Arguing about what's best for White people, fine, let's argue about that, there's nothing wrong with that. But let's not get into divisive arguments that only serve our enemies interests and, in fact, Divide and Conquer is a very favorite tactic of theirs. It's one that they've used all these decades against us to great success.

Carolyn: Yes, that's true, but sometimes things are called “divide and conquer”, or people are accused of being divisive when they're just trying to make a point that is not as popular, or maybe they're stronger and can stand up against something that others are uncomfortable with. It's the same uncomfortable quality that many Whites have, that we were talking about with neighbors and so on. So you have to kind of distinguish there.

Tanstaafl: Well, you play it by ear. Our whole jury system of law is based on the idea that people can judge for themselves, the truth. When I argue with people on the Internet, the longer I argue with them, I can tell whether this is a person who is genuinely trying to hash out some important issue, and come to some understanding of what I'm saying and I understand what they're saying, and you finally hammer out some conclusion, even if the conclusion is that you can't agree … and you do it in a way that's open and honest … versus a person who is obviously just trying to confuse you, obviously just trying to obscure rather than to clarify, somebody who's just trying to waste your time … and cause division. I think most people may not be totally conscious of doing that, or the need to do that, but a lot of people get that sense from the people they're arguing with, and there's some value in that.

Carolyn: Yes, I think so. I think we need to have a lot of discussion and we shouldn't be shutting people up … unless they are really being abusive or ridiculous, or ugly.

Talking about our programming:

@1h13m Tanstaafl: I want to enable you and others to do as many shows as you want. But this is something I wanted to say. Being married to someone who's father was Jewish … and I have a very dim view of Jews as a group, and I think other White people should come to a similar understanding … if they knew what I knew I think many would uh, in that way I am, in that way, flawed or uh, compromised, and I don't put myself forth as a leader, but I do want to help in any way I can. So that's the spirit that moves me, is to enable other White people to come forward and to do what they can. [Whatever happened to that spirit?]

I haven't had time to fix everything. There's much more to do.

[He sort of quit and never did fix much of anything until Paul Hickman started asking that things work better for his shows. Then Tan made some improvements that he wasn't willing to make for me. The network was functioning the best it had ever been right before he shut it down!]

@1h16m Tanstaafl: Language is critical. I've gained a lot by paying attention to the shades of meaning, and pulling them apart to discern, uh to tell friend from enemy, for instance. You can tell who's White, who's a Jew, from subtle hints.

@1hr57m Carolyn: I am so clear about how many terrible … uh the monstrosities that have been done to the German people. I'm so clear about that, you know, I can get … now I'm going to end with talking about anger … our people should get angry. We should be angry. Anger feels good to me.

This was at the beginning, in May 2012. On April 15, 2014, as our 2nd Anniversary approached, Tanstaafl was saying this:

Carolyn Yeager has used this platform, which I had provided for her, to attack and denigrate White nationalism and, by extension, Whites as a race:

White Nationalism, Eurasianism, and the future of Western Europe

During her two hour program this past Saturday she demonstrated her ignorance, confusion and hostility toward not just White nationalism, but the very purpose of this web site.


For the reasons described in My Mistake, I have decided, without consulting with or seeking Carolyn Yeager’s consent, that The White Network will no longer be used to record or broadcast any new programs. There will be no further posts or comments.

He was referring to my modest attempt to open a discussion on how effective White Nationalism has been in defending and maintaining the White Race – the White Race being a very big subject – in the spirit of our tagline: “Whites talking to Whites about White Interests.” Tanstaafl was so unwilling to allow this subject to be discussed that he decided to enforce a blackout by the extreme measure of shutting down the whole network! This has been discussed and hashed out elsewhere so I will not go into it further here. But it's clear that Tanstaafl was unable to defend White Nationalism in regard to effectiveness and has never done so. [See this page] I will call Tanstaafl a coward and a cur for how he handled this situation. He has called me plenty of names. And since then, he has turned what was The White Network website into a platform for himself and no one else. For that reason, I have created this permanent page to set the record straight from my side. I've approached it as seven statements of fact with commentary, followed by links to the radio programs and writings I've posted on the subject since that incredible night.

Fact #1: The White Network was the idea of Carolyn Yeager in early 2012.

My radio program The Heretics' Hour had been broadcast on Voice of Reason (VoR) network since March 1, 2010. It had gone from a one-hour to a two-hour show, from a prerecorded to a live, call-in show. Because of problems at VoR that I have described elsewhere, in January 2012 I started thinking seriously about looking for an alternative. Not finding anything better than VoR forced me to think in terms of starting a new network of my own that would exclude non-Whites and homosexuals. But without the necessary computer skills, it remained only a wish and a thought in my head. In effect, though, this is actually the best creative process and, sure enough, it created itself from the energy of my desire.

One afternoon while swimming laps in an indoor pool that I frequented, I heard myself say out loud as I pushed off for another lap, “The White Network. It will be The White Network, for White people.” I felt a sense of inner confirmation that this, indeed, can happen. The words 'the white network' kept coming to me as I swam. Tanstaafl, the blogger with whom I had become friends and had discussed the problems at VoR, came to mind as someone who might help. I knew he was a computer programmer.

When I pitched the idea to him, I had in mind some kind of software that could be purchased. I told him I was ready to pay all the costs involved but needed someone who could run it. He was interested but said he would have to think it over – his main doubt being whether he could give it the time that would be required. I was left feeling a little disappointed and not too hopeful, actually, but I knew I would continue to seek other ways, and I would certainly have found them too!

As it turned out, the next evening Tanstaafl said that he had decided to do it. He explained his reason: He wanted to do something to help the White Movement in a supportive way, and this was something that fit that bill. He thought that I might stop doing radio altogether if I didn't find an alternative to VoR. His purpose was to keep me on the air, nothing more. I wasn't thrilled with that because I wanted him to do it for himself, not just for me, and I protested that we could do more – add other hosts, he could do his own show – but he insisted his only purpose was to help me continue to do The Heretic's Hour.

He then surprised me by saying he was going to try to create the software himself, and if he succeeded it wouldn't cost anything. The initial cost had not been a concern but he insisted on doing it himself anyway, which would take time, so I agreed to stay on with VoR while he worked on it. It turned out to be several more months. I remember well that after a couple weeks I asked him how it was going and he said he had not started yet. I was shocked! I had been imagining him hard at work on it. When I expressed my surprise, he was a little defensive. This was the first of a number of times that I had to lower my expectations and hold my tongue due to Tanstaafl's sensitivity to [what sounded to him like] someone telling him what to do.

During this time, I purchased a server and Tanstaafl put a basic Wordpress website on it. He wanted us to tell Mike Conner what we were planning, so I gave Mike and VoR a month's notice – which ended up being two months by the time TWN “platform” was ready. It was clear that Mike was hoping our venture would fail to take off; I could have continued on with VoR indefinitely. Mike even tried to talk Tanstaafl into hosting a program on VoR instead of continuing with our independent venture.

We functioned purely on trust, never put anything on paper or even discussed anything of a legal nature. I realize now that Tanstaafl always knew that he had control of the nuts and bolts, while I was blithely surel he was an honorable person who would stick to his word … in other words, a White man.

Fact #2: The “Mission Statement” that Tanstaafl calls the “About” page, was the idea and creation of Carolyn Yeager.

Tanstaafl has made a big deal out of this paragraph, and made out almost as if we had both signed it in blood. Very screwy, really, since it was I who suggested we have a mission statement in the first place. It was I who wrote it, and I who, after the website had already gone up, suggested we include the Fourteen Words. It was Tanstaafl who wanted us to emphasize Americans. In a recent post and comment on his website, he has written:

When Carolyn claimed tWn was not founded as a White nationalist website she was splitting hairs. It was founded as a pro-White site. She agreed to that in part as a sop to me. She might have preferred a more explicitly Hitler/NS/revisionist site, but she needed me to built it and knew that wasn’t my preference. In the past she has made a point of noting she wrote the tWn About page. What she hasn’t mentioned is that she did it at my suggestion, because I was busy constructing the rest of the site. I also proposed it start with the 14 Words. To this day (and it was visible when she discussed the About page with Rhyes) she does not seem to understand that the 14 Words (which she says she agrees with) is the core idea of White nationalism (which she disagrees with) and White racialism (which I don’t think she really understands).

What I have put in red is all untruths or fantasy by Tanstaafl. The rest is just his opinion. I categorically deny every bit of it. It is “revisionist history” by a dishonest reviser. The only “sop” to him was the words “White Americans” in the first line: “Our mission is to build group consciousness, solidarity and pride among White Americans.”

Tanstaafl was basically an American Conservative who had become a racial realist. He saw the world through American eyes. At a rather late date in our preparation, he voiced his desire that we concentrate on the problems in the U.S. You heard some of that in our first broadcast above. I understood the reasoning and said I would try. I did try, but reserved my Saturday Afternoon show for Europeans.

So, to go back to Tanstaafl's comment, the issue wasn't whether we were pro-White, but whether we were “American Pro-White.” That was what he wanted and so I agreed. In this, I think he admitted (without admitting) that one's “nationalism” has to be connected to the place in which you live, a physical nation with a government and an army that is recognized. Blood and Soil. Otherwise, you're just talking in the abstract.

But I never “needed him to built (sic) it” and certainly never asked him to. That was his idea, his wish to create the software himself.

Fact #3: Carolyn Yeager was Pro-White before Tanstaafl was. And she never mistook Jews for Whites, as he did.

Tanstaafl wrote in the last paragraph of that same comment I quoted from above,

I wouldn’t say she’s anti-White, but she isn’t really pro-White and is most definitely anti-WN.

How dumb is that? In 2006 he was still an anti-jihadist who believed Muslims were responsible for 9-11. (I think he still does.) He was a Conservative American Patriot who had looked up to the Jewish Neo-Cons. He became anti-immigration only because he lived in southern California. He felt no connection to Europe and still has never been there. In contrast, I have made four trips to Europe, to different locations, between 1977 and 2008. In 2007 he was a fan of Lawrence Auster and still did not connect the Jews with anything bad. On 25 November 2007 he wrote in his blog:

In my previous post I admitted to not really having thought much about White nationalism. I’ve now read the debate between Steve Sailer and Jared Taylor that John Savage linked.

As it turns out I had read this before, I don’t remember exactly when but probably only a few months ago when I was still unnaturally repulsed by talk of White anything.

On 23 December 2007, in “Auster and Anti-Anti-Semitism” he first “named the Jew” as far as I can tell (I have not done an in-depth search).

For most of my life I have been raceless – too busy with my work to notice race, and afraid that someone might call me a racist if I did notice. It took alot for this to change. The LA riots, the OJ trial, 9/11, Iraq, Jena, and insane levels of immigration finally gave me sufficient justification and courage to speak out. Toward the end Lawrence Auster helped. I read and think and write thoughts now that I never would have wanted to be associated with before.


No matter how carefully you choose the words, no matter how politely or obliquely you broach the subject, if you are critical of Jews someone somewhere will howl anti-semitism, call you a Nazi, and derail the discussion.

He updated 2 days later on 25 December:

I freely admit that in retrospect it took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that Jews lobbied long and hard for non-White immigration, and that it isn’t Latinos or Muslims who are wildly overrepresented in the rabidly open borders media, it is Jews. To me this is evidence that these facts are not discussed openly enough. That Auster finds these observations antithetical to Jews means that for him the truth matters less than what he thinks is good for Jews.

I could say that about Tanstaafl too. To him, truth mattered less than what he thought was good for Whites, as for example when he shut down TWN so that no open discussion of ethno-nationalism versus White Nationalism could take place. How is he different from the Jews when he “shut it down” because he felt threatened by it? By 2014 Tanstaafl had made a religion for himself out of “White Nationalism.”

But it didn't last. On his recent Oct. 14, 2015 guest appearance on Henryk Palmgren's Red Ice Radio show, Tanstaafl described himself as a White racialist blogger and podcaster with a general interest in science, history, psychology, language and a specific focus on Jewish influence. I did not hear the term “White Nationalist” spoken even once throughout the first hour. And coincidentally, it so happens that I stated on 27 August 2015 to Bill Rhyes: “From being on your show, Bill, I've decided I like the term Racialist as a replacement for Nationalist.” I added that the White public “can understand White racialism” and what it stands for whereas White Nationalism only sounds like something bad to them.

He also said on Red Ice that he thought he was more knowledgeable about Jews than 99.9% of the population, but now he doesn't have the inclination to do anymore because he's “said it all.” It's all in his archive of podcasts that he wants people to listen to again and again. The phrase “Jews only care about what's good for Jews” sums up his teaching, though he was sure not the first to say that. So there you go. Did he “save” TWN from the bad Carolyn Yeager by shutting it down? Or did he did he just prevent TWN from continuing on without him? You decide

Now contrast my experience and time-table to Tanstaafl's. I became jew-wise as a schoolgirl, from my father, by learning about my German family's experiences with Jews. I grew up in a segregated town as far as Negros were concerned. So I imbibed from this an early understanding that these people were “not us.”

I “woke up” to 9-11 in 2004 and shortly became part of “the Truth movement” via Alex Jones and the usual route. Through some adventures on the Internet, I met Martin Blaine who started me on a long reading list of revisionist history and conspiracy theory. I took strongly to National-Socialism and realized the holocaust was a lie in December 2006. All this before Tanstaafl even had the first clue. But he thinks he can get away with saying, “She isn't pro-White.”

I put up my first website in July or August 2007, all on my own which was not at all easy for me. The domain name I chose was and the front page was headed White Warrior Women. [At that time Tanstaafl would have felt repulsed by it, and maybe still would.] It was all about what White women needed to know, and what role they could and should play. A lot of people wrote to me, mostly men, who were enthusiastic about what I was doing and can testify about this site. Some of the material I had on that site about Women, Family, Diet, Health, Home Schooling, White Relationships, etc still exists at After this site got taken down, I put up another titled Carolyn Yeager Writings, and finally the one I have now, in Sept. 2011. But before this one, I started the website Elie Wiesel Cons The World in July 2010, for which I have written over 100 research articles. I also put up the website in Jan. 2014, when TWN was still in operation.

All Tanstaafl knew about me was my radio programs at Voice of Reason, and he never tried to learn more. Even now, he talks as if my experience doesn't go beyond that.

One more error Tanstaafl makes in the same comment above is stating that Pro-White is identical to White Nationalist and that to say otherwise is “splitting hairs.” Maybe in his newbie mind he saw and sees it that way, but to those more experienced in the struggle, the two are not synonymous. White Nationalism first appeared in the 1960's in the United States – just as I said in my radio program of April 12, 2014, the one he used as a pretext to shut down The White Network. But it should go without saying that White consciousness and White racial hegemony go back much farther than the 1960's.

Fact #4: Tanstaafl made the drastic decision to shut down The White Network in only three days time!

In the same comment linked to above, he wrote:

I disagree with Carolyn’s misunderstanding and negative attitude toward White nationalism. She only uses the term in a negative sense and has only ever described her understanding of it by approvingly quoting anti-White jew Leonard Zeskind and nazi/anti-nazi EKP sockpuppeteer Giacomo Vallone. She knows this is why I ended our partnership, and she danced around that point with Rhyes.

I thank Tanstaafl for clarifying so well here that there was a window of only three days between “the cause” (my program) and “the deed” (his takeover of the website and server by changing passwords) … 3 days he spent figuring out how best to do it rather than in discussion with me or others about his irrevocable decision. Oh, yes, he probably talked to his wife. He never made a decision without consulting his wife. He really appreciated her Jewish shrewdness.

Tanstaafl said on Bill Rhyes show:

WE DID A GOOD JOB FOR TWO YEARS. But in the end, it was a mis-match, and there was some stress. […] And I really didn't like that when she, at the very end, ended up quoting Jews, uh … anti-White Jews uh, can't think of the fellow's name – Zeskin, Leonard Zeskin [one jew, not jews] – uh, quoted, you know uh just read verbatim from Wikipedia, what he had to say about White Nationalism, and I thought, 'this is ?aught?, I don't wanna deal with this.' So I put the network on … I just froze it and said it's going to be “read only” from here on; I want a divorce … basically.

Again, he seems to be making a casual decision, as though it only matters to him. What he wants. I never heard him express any concern about our listeners and followers, which tells me that he saw TWN as his property with which he could do as he pleased. It does fit his lack of a social persona.

I tolerated quite a lot from Tanstaafl in the interests of keeping the network going. I didn't see the tensions that had only recently shown up as “life-threatening,” but only as inevitable minor frictions that develop between people who are co-owners of something. I would liken his attitude now to the despicable Franklin D. Roosevelt creating provocations in the hopes of stirring a reaction from Adolf Hitler so he could declare war on Germany. Yes, Tanstaafl was looking for a pretext to declare war on me, his partner.

Fact #5: Tanstaafl inflates the value of his contribution to The White Network, as if it never could have happened without him, nor gone on without him.

He actually wrote in a third comment:

she refused the offer I made, which was to freeze the site I had built and maintained but leave it online.

Wow. Breathtaking. This was an offer? An offer implies there is something in it for the other person. There was nothing at all for me in this arrangement in which TWN becomes an archive run by Tanstaafl while I continue to pay for the server with “donations.” The bottom line: I pay for getting screwed! Tanstaafl had a lower opinion of me than I realized.

I not only spent hours of my life writing the software she used to record her” tWn programs, I was also physically present, monitoring the recording of almost every single hour she takes all the credit for producing.

What bull. Listeners know how often his software crashed during a live program and I was left frantically trying to figure out how to get back on the air. That's why he tried to be available during my live shows. There was actually no method for me to get myself back on the air after the system crashed; it required Tanstaafl to reboot the server. This was a major fault of his system, which he told me I just had to live with. He actually advised me thus: “It's only a radio program. It's no big deal if a program doesn't take place on schedule, or ends prematurely because I'm not available.”

So the real reason he tried to be somewhat available during my live programs was 1) he preferred doing that to putting in the time to fix the problem in the system, and 2) he wanted to listen to the programs anyway. Since the problems didn't happen often, it was a good trade-off in his mind, I suppose. He was always ready to admit that his “system” was not what it should be for live broadcasts and guests. For example, I couldn't take calls in the first hour because the hanging up of a phone call caused the prompts and music for the rest of the show not to be audible to me or my guests. This was a flaw in the software that never got fixed. Therefore I often couldn't end the program smoothly because the one-minute delay plus not hearing the prompts made it too confusing. Considering all that, for Tanstaafl to speak of the “hours of his life” it cost him is just a Big Whine. What about the hours of my life, and the anxiety I had to endure? But I don't whine about things like that. He should be embarrassed to talk this way.

He designed the system to be completely automated – each host was to produce their program independently from start to finish. I liked it this way because I didn't want to depend on anyone else. Tanstaafl had nothing to do with producing a single show of mine. Trying to take credit for my programs in any way is really below the level of decency.

I was her most frequent guest – 3 times at VoR and 13 on tWn – maybe 20-25 hours total.

This is supposed to add to the number of programs he did. I had pointed out previously in a short post that I had produced 278 radio shows totaling 463 hours for The White Network, in contrast to Tanstaafl's 97 programs totaling only 48.5 hours. Meaning I did 10 times the program hours he did.

Of course, being partners, we expected to do some shows together and I would have done more with him if he had been willing. I set up those programs and made the program posts (making program posts is a chore). He was never willing to have a guest on his show, and still isn't. Why is that? Being a guest is a privilege, and not a big responsibility. I know, I've been one many times. The program host has the responsibility for the program.

Tanstaafl exaggerates the time he gave to The White Network – he exaggerates everything that has to do with his contributions. I know that about him. But also, he refused offers of help because he didn't want anyone touching the server or the “upper management” areas of the website but himself. He didn't trust anyone but me. Then he didn't trust me anymore.

Fact #6: Tanstaafl went nowhere since his shutdown of TWN and effort to make Carolyn Yeager the scapegoat, but lost ground and now has even lost interest.

Whatever he might have had in mind when he shut down TWN, he never spoke of having any plans for the future. He did say on Bill Rhyes “Might Is Right” radio program that when he was contemplating his decision, it came to him that he could continue to do podcasts from a website of his own, using his platform. He didn't need TWN for that … which helped him decide to kill it.

But he never got back the broader audience that he had at TWN. He ran out of subject matter, too. He says he felt like he was repeating himself, and he was. That was certainly the impression I had. Tanstaafl developed a narrow message and he has not been able to spread his wings over a broader area. He's too much of a pedant. On his latest appearance with Henryk at Red Ice he said: “Recently I'm not doing very much; I'm not writing or talking because … frankly, I've said it all. And now I'm just repeating myself. Nowadays I'm doing more with my profession, my work. I don't really have the inclination to do anymore.”

Fact #7: Tanstaafl is bitter toward me because his plan take control of TWN and turn it into an archive run only by himself did not turn out as he hoped.

As things stand today, thewhitenetwork-archive site has nothing on it but the Age-of-Treason and Voice of Albion podcasts. That's a fraction of what it once was. It doesn't have the programs of Robert Lloyd or “August.” Tanstaafl also got rid of his monthly “special recordings.” And now it doesn't have Carolyn Yeager's radio programs or blog posts either. So I'm afraid Tanstaafl cut his own throat when he conceived of his final program, My Mistake. It was his mistake alright.

He continues with his totally untrue claim that I canceled the TWN server because I wanted to delete the two posts he had put there on August 15th: My Mistake and The End. Apart from the fact that he doesn't know why I do things but he does considers himself quite a clever psychoanalyst – a Jewish specialty, by the way – his claim is ludicrous on other grounds. Both of those essays were already posted at his website that very night, so how would it help me in that regard to take down a couple of days later? It wouldn't! … but once I realized what he had done and how evil his intentions were toward me, I wasn't going to supply him with a server any longer. Let him get his own. I was also not “hoping he couldn't reconstruct it,” as he wrote. I was sure he could, but it was not going to be with any help from me.

The oddball thing is that I was not a partner in TWN any longer; I was blocked from the website; but still Tanstaafl expected me to remain a partner in paying the bills!

When he resurrected the website as and started another blog post, “Why this archive,” to which he still continues to add, I refused to have my material there any longer. I have recently moved all the comments that were written to my programs over to my program pages at So there remains nothing by and about Carolyn Yeager that was at The White Network that is not now available at

Another change he made to the site that I want to mention is this:

He replaced the information on the “Donate” page with an unsubstantiated statement of malfeasance on my part! But what shows how ridiculous he is – he adds “I will not ask for or accept donations for this site. I will pay all expenses myself.” Hilarious, since the site is on a shared server that only costs him about $5 a month, or maybe $25 a year!! since he cut back on the bandwidth. His pat on his own back doesn't mean a thing. Plus we know the real reason he doesn't ask for money is that he refuses to engage in any communication, apart from email or skype, because he's deathly afraid of his identity becoming known to the authorities, or to his friends and neighbors and postal employees, or to anyone! So take everything Tanstaafl says with a grain of salt.

My final action was to prepare this page for the domain With this page, I am done. Done with Tanstaafl and done with what belongs to the past and cannot be changed. Thanks for reading.

Following are my radio programs and blog posts in which I dealt with The White Network situation and answered Tanstaafl's accusations against me.


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